Production reel featuring work for PBS, National Geographic, and the International Crisis Group.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Storywise is an award-winning production company with a global reach. Focused on documentary film and branded storytelling, Storywise has developed deep video portfolios for international organizations like JPMorgan ChaseInternational Crisis Group, and World Learning. Principal filmmaker Dan Evans has led shoots on five continents and 11 countries. In 2016, Dan directed a series of shoots for JPMorgan Chase that began in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, and culminated in a three-week shoot in South Africa. The flagship film in the series, The Fellowship Initiative in South Africa, follows a group of young men of color on a life-changing journey from Robben Island to Kruger National Park. In 2015, Storywise led a two-week production in Jordan for World Learning, Welcome to SIT Jordan, that was recognized with a Silver Telly Award. The most recent Storywise production for Crisis Group, On the Frontlines, spanned three continents in pursuit of brave Crisis Group field analysts working on the frontlines of Crisis Group’s mission to prevent and resolve deadly conflicts. The film helped Crisis Group raise over $2 million and was a Finalist for the 2015 CINE Golden Eagle Award.

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