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Storywise is a Portland-based production company with a global reach. From its launching pad in the Pacific Northwest, Storywise has led shoots on five continents and a dozen countries. Storywise productions are grounded in documentary filmmaking, with authenticity, integrity, and great respect for subject.

Storywise has worked extensively with international organizations like USAID, the State Department, and International Crisis Group, including in remote and difficult locations like Afghanistan and Libya. Storywise also specializes in working with youth programs like the Fellowship Initiative of JPMorgan Chase, which provides opportunities for young men of color, and the Experiment in International Living, the original high school study abroad program.

Principal filmmaker Dan Evans plays a lead role in all Storywise productions, working closely with clients to create visually arresting films. As a result of this approach, Storywise productions have won numerous industry awards, including four Gold Telly Awards. Its production for Crisis Group, On the Frontlines, helped the organization raise over $2 million and was a CINE Golden Eagle Finalist.

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Filmmaker Dan Evans working with Syrian refugees in northern Jordan

Dan Evans filming Syrian refugees in northern Jordan

Dan Evans, Principal Filmmaker

As the principal filmmaker at Storywise, Dan Evans brings over 15 years of experience to every project. He has been a trusted partner on multiple films, series, and digital media for National Geographic, Oregon Public Broadcasting, and national public television. He works in Spanish and English.

An Emmy Award-winning editor, Dan collaborates frequently on the OPB series Oregon Experience, including the episodes Fort Vancouver and Beyond the Wire: Oregon’s Japanese Americans. Dan has worked on numerous series and television documentaries for National Geographic. He edited the national public television productions The Doctor Fix, and Shark Island Whaler: The real-life sequel to Moby-Dick.

A versatile filmmaker, Dan directed, filmed, and edited There goes the neighborhood, which distills one year of gentrification in Northeast Portland into a three minute time lapse film. Dan wrote, directed, and produced the documentary feature Shattered Sky, which has aired nationally on PBS stations for more than six years. And he wrote and produced the sports film Volcanic Sprint for American Public Television.

Dan earned a Master’s degree in International Affairs from the George Washington University in Washington, DC, and Bachelor’s degrees in History and Cinema Studies from the University of Washington in Seattle.

Selected Clients

  • Children’s Institute
  • The Experiment in International Living
  • FHI 360
  • Independent Lens
  • International Crisis Group
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • OPB
  • PBS
  • The School for International Training
  • The State Department
  • UN Refugee Agency
  • The World Bank
  • World Learning