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Based in Portland, Oregon, Storywise is an award-winning production company with a global reach. Focused on documentary film and branded storytelling, Storywise has developed deep video portfolios for international organizations like JPMorgan ChaseInternational Crisis Group, and World Learning. Principal filmmaker Dan Evans has led shoots on five continents and 11 countries. In 2016, Dan directed a series of shoots for JPMorgan Chase that began in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, and culminated in a three-week shoot in South Africa. The flagship film in the series, The Fellowship Initiative in South Africa, follows a group of young men of color on a life-changing journey from Robben Island to Kruger National Park. In 2015, Storywise led a two-week production in Jordan for World Learning, Welcome to SIT Jordan, that was recognized with a Silver Telly Award. The most recent Storywise production for Crisis Group, On the Frontlines, spanned three continents in pursuit of brave Crisis Group field analysts working on the frontlines of Crisis Group’s mission to prevent and resolve deadly conflicts. The film helped Crisis Group raise over $2 million and was a Finalist for the 2015 CINE Golden Eagle Award.

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Filmmaker Dan Evans working with Syrian refugees in northern Jordan

Filmmaker Dan Evans working with Syrian refugees in northern Jordan

Dan Evans, Principal Filmmaker

As the principal filmmaker at Storywise, Dan Evans brings over 15 years of experience in documentary film, television and branded storytelling to every project. His passion is teasing out the most compelling stories, whether directing documentaries for PBS, editing natural history programs for National Geographic, or working with nonprofit clients to produce visually arresting statements about their organizations.

Dan directed and produced the PBS documentary feature Shattered Sky, which takes a second look at the ozone hole crisis of the 1980s–and what it means for climate change today. He has directed and produced multiple award-winning productions for JPMorgan Chase, International Crisis Group, and World Learning, filming on location in Afghanistan, Argentina, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Jordan, Kenya, Libya, South Africa, and Turkey.

As a story producer and editor, Dan worked with filmmaker Stephani Gordon to create the PBS film Shark Island Whaler: The real-life sequel to Moby-Dick, which won “Best of Oregon” at the 2014 Oregon Film Awards. Dan wrote, produced and edited the sports film Volcanic Sprint for American Public Television, which follows courageous African athletes along a marathon course up the tallest mountain in West Africa. He has edited numerous feature programs for National Geographic and Bloomberg Television.

Dan earned a Master’s degree in International Affairs from the George Washington University in Washington, DC, and Bachelor’s degrees in History and Film Studies from the University of Washington in Seattle.

Selected Clients

  • Children’s Institute
  • The Experiment in International Living
  • FHI 360
  • International Crisis Group
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Mercy Corps
  • National Geographic
  • Oregon Public Broadcasting
  • PBS
  • The School for International Training
  • State Department
  • UN Refugee Agency
  • The World Bank
  • World Learning