WINNER: Silver Telly Award

Welcome to SIT Jordan follows a diverse group of American Arabic-language students over the course of one week of their two-month SIT Study Abroad program in Jordan.

Storywise principal filmmaker Dan Evans led this production, which ranged from the capital Amman south to the Wadi Rum desert, the blue gulf of Aqaba and the ancient city of Petra–a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This film shows how “Arabic is in the air” in Jordan, and gives prospective students a sense of the program’s potential to help improve their Arabic, increase their understanding of the Middle East and Jordanian culture, and to discover something about themselves. The film focuses on what makes the SIT program unique: the home stay with a Jordanian family; learning opportunities outside of the classroom; and visits to awe inspiring sites like Petra.

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Welcome to SIT Jordan is a Storywise production for SIT Study Abroad. Directed by Dan Evans. Produced by Kimberly Abbott, Dan Evans and Kathryn Schoenberger. Photographed and edited by Dan Evans.

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