The Doctor Fix: A New Era of Modern Medicine explores America’s evolving healthcare system

Directed by Kate McMahon and edited by Dan Evans, The Doctor Fix explores America’s evolving system of primary healthcare through the stories of physicians and medical students.

In Colorado Springs, Dr. Ripley Hollister loves his work as an independent family medicine physician, but struggles to keep up with the reporting demands of modern healthcare.

In Baltimore, Dr. George Lowe leads a group of physicians within the Mercy healthcare system who get paid on a fee for service basis. This is similar to Dr. Hollister’s model, but because they’ve banded together, the administrative costs for each physician are lower.

In Cornelius, Oregon, Dr. Lyn Jacobs practices a radically different model of primary healthcare as a salaried physician at a community health clinic. She advocates strongly for more aspiring physicians to practice family medicine.

In Olympia, Washington, Dr. Angela Sparks bridges these models as a salaried physician at Group Health, a large health management organization like the Mercy system in Baltimore.

Watch an extended scene from The Doctor Fix on PBS:

Inspired by co-producer Dr. Jeffrey Weisz’s book, It’s a Great Time to be a Physician, the film looks at the evolution of the business of being a doctor. It is highly suitable viewing for anyone practicing medicine, or who aspires to become a doctor.

Written, directed and produced by Kate McMahon. Co-Produced by Jessica Sherry and Jeffrey Weisz, M.D. Edited by Dan Evans. Cinematography by Mark Rublee. This program is a co-production with Jeffrey Weisz, M.D. and Kate McMahon Productions, LLC in association with Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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