Airing now on PBS stations nationwide, The Doctor Fix: A New Era of Modern Medicine explores America’s evolving healthcare system.

Directed by Kate McMahon and edited by Dan Evans, The Doctor Fix explores the real-life impact of the Affordable Care Act on both doctors and patients. Inspired by co-producer Dr. Jeffrey Weisz’s book, It’s a Great Time to be a Physician, the film brings to light changes in the fabric of the health care system, the evolution of the business of being a doctor, and what we all can expect as patients in this new era of American medicine.

Watch an extended scene from The Doctor Fix on PBS:

Written, directed and produced by Kate McMahon. Co-Produced by Jessica Sherry and Jeffrey Weisz, M.D. Edited by Dan Evans. Cinematography by Mark Rublee. This program is a co-production with Jeffrey Weisz, M.D. and Kate McMahon Productions, LLC in association with Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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