FINALIST: CINE Golden Eagle Award

On the Frontlines follows six Crisis Group field analysts to the frontlines of conflicts in Afghanistan, Kenya, Libya and the Turkey-Syria border.

Storywise principal filmmaker Dan Evans and Crisis Group producer Ben Dalton traveled to four countries and nine locations to capture the stories of brave Crisis Group field analysts working on the frontlines of Crisis Group’s mission to prevent and resolve deadly conflicts. The resulting film, On the Frontlines, helped Crisis Group raise more than $2 million.

Filmmaker Dan Evans on location near Ajdabiya, Libya

Filmmaker Dan Evans on location near Ajdabiya, Libya

On the Frontlines begins in Afghanistan, where Senior Analyst Graeme Smith turns to an unusual source—long-haul truckers who travel throughout the Afghan countryside and know it intimately—to report on the growing strength of the Taliban in the Afghan provinces.

In Libya, Senior Analyst Claudia Gazzini meets with a disaffected militia leader who has taken control of the country’s eastern oil terminals, and tries to understand the root causes of the group’s grievances against the government in Tripoli.

In Kenya, Analyst Bryan Kahumbura investigates growing Islamist extremism in the country’s port city of Mombasa, venturing into the volatile neighborhood of Majengo to interview witnesses to a police raid on the local mosque.

On the Turkey-Syria border, Turkey Analyst Didem Akyel Collinsworth and Senior Syria Analyst Noah Bonsey report on the growing refugee crisis in Turkey as Syrian civilians flee brutal fighting in northern Syria.

And from Istanbul, Senior Iran Analyst Ali Vaez reports on Crisis Group’s dogged efforts to reach out to all parties involved in the Iranian nuclear negotiations.

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On the Frontlines and We are the International Crisis Group are Storywise productions for the International Crisis Group. Directed by Dan Evans. Produced by Kimberly Abbott, Ben Dalton and Dan Evans. Photographed and edited by Dan Evans. Music by Steve Steckler.